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Promote the Circle-Gray Immortal Sect to Realize the Dream of Entrepreneurship

Published: 2021-12-16


What is the point of getting started with a master?





Hello disciples!

    Do you want to know why you have to get started by kowtowing to a master?


As the saying well goes, if one does not take the blame for oneself, the heaven would take the blame for him and the earth would also perish him, which is a very simple truth.


Everyone knows that people who has not any future troubles must have some recent worries.


Everyone who wants to be invincible in this world, would want to find a good backer and a good background to make themselves invincible and safe.


This is people's first choice, and only then will they consider how to start a business and do something meaningful to contribute to society, so as to accumulate good and virtue for themselves and bless future generations.


But no matter how everyone does it and how they choose, this is also a consideration about their future, and which is the mentality of normal people.


In order to seek peace, many people will believe in Buddhism, in Daoism, in Confucianism, and in Christianity, in Catholicism, and so on.


By a freedom of belief, it does not matter what sect you will choose, the main thing is that you may believe in all of those sects which would guide people to good, as long as they are not cults.


And why choosing to believe in the Circle-Gray Immortal Sect?


Because the Circle-Gray Immortal Sect can not only have the same effect as the above-mentioned sects, but also it is also an upgraded version of the traditional Chinese sect -- Taoism(Daoism) in China, which contains not only the creeds of "Taoism", but also the creeds of "Buddhism" and "Confucianism".


Only by the integration and sublimation of the creeds of the three religions and traditional cultural ideas, it can have achieved the creeds and purposes of the "Circle-Gray Immortal Sect".


The Circle-Gray Immortal Sect is not only an immortal sect facing the world, but also a philosophy that can be invincible in the world.


It not only integrates the essence of China's 5,000-year-old traditional culture, but also integrates various cultural contradictions in the whole world, and even the cultural contradictions of all things in the entire universe, and balances everything in the universe through the "degree" in the Circle-Gray Heavenly Dao.


And the five great wish-powers I made in front of the ancestor of human beings, the old father of Fuxi, when I founded the "World Circle-Gray Immortal Sect", have also been recognized by the heaven.

五大愿力分别是,(一) 愿世界所有矛盾之事得以平衡;(二) 度世界所有为恶之人使其向善;(三) 为世间所有灰心之人指出光明之路;(四) 愿世间所有病人得以恢复健康;(五) 弘扬圆灰养生大道令世人幸福成仙。

The five great wish-powers are: (iMay all the contradictions of the world be balanced; (iiTo make good all those who are evil in the world; (iiiTo show the way of light for all those who are discouraged in the world; (iv) May all the sick in the world be restored to health; (v) Promote the Circle-Gray Health Avenue and make the world happy and fairy.

世界圆灰仙教宗旨: 助富扶贫、奉仙聚福,圆灰仙学、义度众生!圆灰仙教、普善天下!

The purpose of the World Circle-Gray Immortal Sectto help the rich and alleviate the poor, so as to gather blessings by worshipping immortalsto learn from the Circle-Gray Immortal learnings, so as to justify all sentient beings! Circle-Gray Immortal Sect, Universal welfare to the world!


The teachings of this sect have been recognized by the heaven and strongly supported by the world, and at the same time, through the three times I have launched the list of immortals to be worshipped, I respectfully ask the high-level master of the Immortal Sect to expiate the sins of the dead and verify the immortals for the "heroic heroes of the Chinese KuomintangThe Nationalist Partyand the Communist Party of China in the war resisting Japan", for the heroic heroes of the Chinese people" and for the “heroic heroes of the people of the world" in the long river of a history of 8,000 years, and this great merit was once again recognized by the heaven.


Because the "World Circle-Gray Immortal Sect" has better set an example for the world when it canonized those heroes and martyrs who servethe country and the people and maintained world peace, so that the world has an example to learn from and turns to be good.


Because those tens of billions of martyrs were enshrined by the "Circle-Gray Immortal Sect" of this sect, all the disciples of this sect will naturally receive the protection of those immortals, including "Immortals protecting the country", "Loyal Martyrs and Immortals", "Immortals protecting the Law", etc., and plus the international platforms such as "World Chinese Business and Trade Association", "International Federation For Chinese Hometown Mates", "World I Ching(The Book of ChangesFederation", "China Health Research Association", the “Chinese Qigong Federation” and the “International Taijiquan Federation“ can help your disciples start a business and achieve great undertakings in various industries, so as to realize the dreams in your disciples' minds.


When all disciples learn skills from the master, no matter whether they have learned the skills after worshiping the master, as long as they sincerely worship the master, they will be able to get the big fate and luck and the inheritance of the Circle-Gray Immortal Sect, and to get the protection of the immortals of the World Circle-Gray Immortal Sect for a lifetime, and the protection of the peacehappiness and good health of the family!


Furthermore, if you can cooperate with the master in his work, carry forward the founding purpose of the Circle-Gray Immortal Sect, realize the five great wish-powers made by the master, so as to make the world peaceful, righteous to all sentient beings, and make universal welfare to the world, it will be a great merit that has been left by name through the ages, and you can become a great person of the World Circle-Gray Immortal Sect and let the world forever remember you.


As long as all the disciples are diligent and studious, study hard, practice hard, and move forward steadily, you will not only be able to obtain the true abilities on "politics", "military", "Taoism", "medicine" and "boxing" taught by your master, you could also get the support of the resources of various industries in the international platformof the federations founded by the master, so that you can realize the value and ambition of your life, and finally successfully realize the grand goal of the Chinese dream.







World Circle-Gray Immortal Sect Charity Federation

Bishop: Circle-Gray Master—Dominator sending happiness

Chairman of the Supervising Committee: Zeng Chongzhou

December 142021

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