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      “世界圆灰仙教”的宗旨教义提倡:圆灰仙学、义度众生! 圆灰仙教、普善天下! 当中为什么要普善天下?常言说:人不为己、天诛地灭!自私是人类与生俱来的本性,世人为什么会怕死?圆灰为什么要包容一切?为什么会有阴阳两种不同的矛盾存在?善恶与正邪为什么天生就是共存的?

The tenet and doctrines of "World Circle-Grey Immortal Sect" advocate: Circle-Grey Immortal Learning, righteousness to all living beings!  Circle-Grey Immortal Sect, universal goodness to world! Why do we want to do good in the world? As the saying goes: If one does not cultivate itself, both heaven and earth would kill it! Selfishness is the innate nature of human beings. Why do people fear death? Why should Circle-Grey contain everything? Why are there two different contradictions between yin and yang? Why do good and evil and positive and negative coexist naturally?


In the whole cosmopolitan world of Circle-Grey, these must relatively coexist, and not a single one can be omitted. A world without contradictions,it is impossible to exist in this whole cosmopolitan world of Circle-Grey.In the big world of the Circle-Grey universe, all sorts of contradictions on all things are mutually antagonistic and interdependent, balancing transformation by 'degree', both paradoxical and mutually beneficial;Yin and yang balance each other, both mutual adversarial and antagonistic transformation, thus continuously promoting the evolution and equilibrium of all things in the big world of Circle-Grey, the natural growth of all things cannot work without this Circle-Grey law.     


All things fear death, both humans and animals, in fact, it is a subconscious love of the world.The fear of death, an expression of selfishness, is why they love the world, love it, and are afraid of losing it.Subconsciously both sides wanted to pursue growth, which was a love for the world.


On the contrary when people and animals are disappointed about the world, no longer love it, to escape reality to pursue the good world in his own heart, no longer with nostalgia to the world, they would go to suicide.


So to say, the fear of death by people and livestock is actually a selfish manifestation of love for the world. The great love, selflessness and the universal benevolence, which Circle-Grey Immortal Sect initiatives, are based on this mindset, calling the world to selfishly love itself first, to love itself and more love this world.

只有这个世界好, 世人才会生活得好, 所以更要无私地爱好和平不要战争,自觉地去维护地球的生态平衡, 保护大自然和爱护地球,让地球成为人间仙境。

Only this world is good, the people will live well, so we should more selflessly love peace and not war, self-consciously to maintain the earth's ecological balance, protecting nature and loving the earth, making the earth a human heaven.


Yet the world has nothing to do absolutely, and the world has neither absolutely good nor definitely bad. Good and bad have their bound meaning and value. To know that no paradoxical world is nonexistent and that only if the world face it up and to make good use of it, it is possible for people to go to prevent something bad from happening and thus to make good use of these bad phenomena moment to remind the world of its attention.

要敬畏圆灰大自然的这个规律,要敬天、敬地、敬祖先、敬仙佛,时刻提醒自己不要去做违背天道之事。如此在因果循环报应这条天律里,才能得到好报,否则会得到恶报不得善终。“度网恢恢、疏而不漏; 善有善报、恶有恶报; 不是不报、时日未到; 时候一到,什么都报!”

To awe this law of Circle-Grey nature, to respect heaven and earth, to respect our ancestors, to respect immortals and Buddha, to be reminded to keep yourself from doing things that go against the natural laws. So in the heaven's law of the causal cycle retribution, it would be well retributive, otherwise ill retributive which would come to a no-good end.“Degree-net has large meshes, but it lets nothing through; goodness will have a good reward, badness will have a bad reward; it is not being unrewarded, it is the time that not yet coming; when the moment to come, all to be rewarded! "


   When the iron law of heaven is understood by all the world, people, in order to die a natural death and to have a good reward, would spontaneously go to comply with respectfully loving each other, loving the earth, loving environment, and protecting ecological balance. Only if the ecological environment is balanced will the earth not breed any viruses such as the various novel coronaviruses that are harmful to people and livestock. As long as the world struggles together with this faith of great love, it can really build the earth into a human fairyland.



World Charity Association of Circle-Grey Immortal Sect


Bishop: Immortal of Good Fortune---Zeng Chongzhou


May 6, 2021

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